Kids’ orthodontist

Kids' orthodontics in Maryville

Misaligned teeth are a part of life, especially as kids grow into their mouths. Fortunately, Maryville and Knoxville’s families have a dependable orthodontist in their neighborhood. Owens Orthodontics is a pediatric orthodontist team ready to put any child on the path toward a straight smile that lasts a lifetime.

Owens Orthodontics ensures any East Tennessee child can have a strong smile that lasts for years to come. Our orthodontist offers various braces and aligners to treat common types of misalignment like underbites, crowding and open bites.

Why do kids get braces?

Permanent teeth start to come in around age 7 and older. While many children won’t need braces at this age, early assessment can help us identify future issues. With a visit to your Greater Knoxville orthodontist, you can make sure your child’s teeth are growing correctly. Our team will monitor your child’s development and assess current or potential growth problems with their bite or jaw. If early enough, a diagnosis could save a lot of time and money in the future.

The benefits of using a pediatric orthodontist

Parents have plenty of options when their children need orthodontic care, but only a pediatric orthodontist can provide the specialized approach kids need for the best results. Scheduling treatment with Maryville’s expert pediatric orthodontists is the best way to ensure:

  • A calm experience: Our orthodontists have years of experience working with children. They’ve seen it all and know how to facilitate a soothing environment that keeps kids relaxed through the entire process.
  • Results that last: Treating children poses a unique challenge because their mouths are still growing. The specialized pediatric orthodontists at our office implement methods that produce results while accounting for future growth.
  • A foundation of good oral hygiene: An orthodontist can lay the groundwork for effective pediatric treatment, but it takes work from the child and their guardians alike to see the plan through. Our pediatric experts explain at-home care in a way that gets through to kids. We also help parents learn how they can keep their children’s treatment on schedule.

Does my child need braces?

Childhood orthodontic treatment depends on your kid’s specific needs. Some mild cases may require no more than a few brackets, while others may indicate severe oral health problems. Early intervention is often an opportunity to lessen the treatment your child may need in their teenage years.

Early orthodontic intervention aims to treat children with signs of problematic growth. Your child’s needs will range depending on what we find from their evaluation. We’ll also identify many potential solutions to guide your child’s progress.

When you visit our practice, we’ll look for a few signs of common issues. If we can work on these issues before they become a costly problem, your child will grow into a healthier smile. We may suggest kids braces or other appliances if we identify any of these problems:

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Our orthodontist — Dr. Mark Owens — is part of a legacy of excellence that dates back more than 50 years. You can count on him to spot warning signs and develop effective treatment plans for your child. Get in touch to discuss the most effective orthodontic care for kids in Maryville, Tennessee. We offer interceptive treatment and braces for kids’ teeth to grow into happy and healthy smiles.