Adult orthodontics

Adults can experience the same orthodontic issues that children do, whether from lack of treatment or changes over time. Owens Orthodontics treats many adults with braces so everyone can enjoy their best smile. There are many different needs for adult braces in the Greater Knoxville, Tennessee area. That’s why we serve Maryville and the surrounding areas with a range of adult orthodontic options so you can feel the confidence of a beautiful smile.

What are the benefits of adult orthodontics?

Adult braces can impact your confidence and health. Straighter teeth can create a broader smile and prevent health issues like gum disease or cavities.

Adult braces can fix almost as many issues as childhood braces. The main difference between the two treatments is jaw alignment. When adults consider braces, their jaws are usually developed, so the options for adult jaw correction are somewhat limited.

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Your options for adult orthodontics at our Maryville practice are varied. The choice you make will depend on your preferences for comfort, appearance and price. You are a candidate for adult orthodontics if you have crooked or crowded teeth, an overbite, an underbite, an open bite, misplaced teeth or certain structural irregularities.