Jaw misalignment treatment

Jaw misalignment can impact your daily life, from pain in your jaw when you bite to self-consciousness about your appearance. You don’t have to live with the discomfort of a misaligned jaw. Owens Orthodontics provides treatment to address the issue and give you your life back.

We offer solutions that gently realign your jaw. Worried about people seeing your treatment devices? Many of our offerings are invisible to others, such as Invisalign® and clear ceramic braces.

How does jaw misalignment happen?

Jaw misalignment occurs when the upper and lower jaw don’t line up the way they should when you bite down. The problem can occur for many reasons. Sometimes it happens during development, as your mouth and body grow. It may be an entirely natural occurrence due to tooth placement. Sometimes a congenital disability causes jaw misalignment that isn’t fixed because there’s no aesthetic manifestation of the problem.

Jaw misalignment can also take place over time. It may develop as a side effect of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), which can be painful. A jaw misalignment might also result from trauma, such as a hard hit to the head while playing sports.

What are jaw misalignment symptoms?

Jaw misalignment can manifest in several symptoms, not all of them in your jaw. Some of the most common symptoms include headaches and pain in your back or shoulders from holding your jaw tightly or moving it uncomfortably. You may also experience:

  • Jaw tightness or pain.

  • Buzzing or ringing in the ears.

  • Clicking or grinding when you move your jaw.

  • Tightness of the jaw.

Why should jaw misalignment be addressed?

Jaw realignment is critical to reduce the painful symptoms you suffer and improve your oral health. Jaw problems get worse with time and they can lead to conditions like TMJ if left untreated. When you take care of your problem quickly, before it becomes severe, you’ll save money on treatment in the long term.

We have several options available for jaw misalignment treatment. Sometimes jaw problems are related to misaligned teeth, and fixing that issue will address the jaw misalignment as well. Often braces make the best choice, as we can use rubber bands to realign the jaw.

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You don’t have to continue suffering from pain related to jaw misalignment. Getting treatment will improve your quality of life and ease the discomfort you experience daily.

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