Essix retainers

After wearing braces or Invisalign® for months or years, you most likely want to maintain your straight teeth. To ensure your perfect new smile stays that way, you’ll need to use a retainer to keep your teeth in place. There are a few available options, and one of the most popular ones we offer at Owens Orthodontics is the Essix retainer.

What are Essix retainers?

Essix retainers are a set of clear plastic trays similar to Invisalign. When worn, these retainers are nearly invisible, making them a popular option among children and adults who want to maintain the look of their natural smiles. They’re also one of the cheapest retainer options. Essix retainers are removable, so they’re easy to clean and pose no food restrictions.

Most people wear Essix retainers after braces to prevent their teeth from returning to how they were before correction. Orthodontists may also prescribe these devices to fix a minor alignment concern or to temporarily hide a space that’s missing a tooth.

How do Essix retainers work?

When you first get these clear retainers, you’ll need to wear them constantly. The only exception is when you’re eating or drinking anything other than water. This will ensure your teeth are securely placed where they need to be. After a few months, your orthodontist may have you wear your retainers only at night. Consistently wearing your retainers based on your orthodontist’s instructions is vital to maintaining your smile.

Essix retainer care

When well-cared for, these invisible retainers can last up to five years. Because they consist of thin plastic, though, rough handling can make them prone to breakage. To avoid this, keep your retainers in their case whenever you’re not wearing them. You’ll also want to keep these devices away from heat sources to prevent warping and clean them regularly so that the plastic stays the same color.

To clean your Essix retainers:

  • Use a denture brush or soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Clean them with warm water mixed with a bit of dish soap daily.
  • For a deeper clean, use a retainer cleaner or ask your orthodontist about using a denture cleaner once or twice weekly.

When cleaning your plastic retainers, avoid using toothpaste on them, as it can cause scratches. After you’ve cleaned them, rinse your retainers with cold water and dry them. Then, you can put the trays back in your mouth or store them for later.

What sets Owens Orthodontics apart?

Owens Orthodontics has a long history of providing beautiful smiles as unique as the people they belong to. As the first and oldest orthodontic practice in Maryville, TN, we’ve learned how to satisfy our customers and ensure their mouths stay healthy. Our focus is strictly orthodontics, so you can feel confident in our focus and expertise to diagnose and treat any mouth-related concerns.

When skill and compassion are of the utmost importance to you, choose Owens Orthodontics as your Essix retainer provider.