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The experts at Owens Orthodontics are here to provide amazing orthodontic care for patients in Maryville, Tennessee. Straightening your teeth can improve your life at any age, and we make the process as easy as it can be. You can count on your local orthodontists — Dr. Mark Owens and Dr. Newsom Baker — to treat you with compassion and find the best orthodontic solution for you. Our doctors are great with kids, and they’re just as good at improving smiles at any point in life.

Owens Orthodontics specializes in applying braces and aligners that can correct any type of misalignment. Schedule your appointment to: 

  • Straighten your smile.
  • Improve your oral hygiene and gum health.
  • Improve digestion.
  • Mitigate jawbone erosion.
  • Reduce speech problems.
  • Boost your self-confidence.
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Quality Care

Owens – Baker Orthodontics is Maryville’s top source for orthodontic care. Our doctors have years of experience providing top-tier orthodontic care and ensuring a comfortable patient experience. You can count on the entire Owens Orthodontic team for a stress-free experience and results that are worth the time. 

Dr. Owens and Dr. Baker have each pursued specialty training to focus their full time and attention on orthodontic treatment. Improving your smile is their passion, and they’re excited to bring you into the office. Our doctors work with kids’ and adults’ specific needs to develop treatment plans that produce noticeable results, even for issues that have compounded over multiple years.

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Orthodontist Treatments We Provide

Visit our orthodontist office in Maryville for treatment centered around your precise situation. Our doctors implement treatment strategies that address common misalignment issues like teeth crowding, spacing and overbites. We treat Maryville’s children and adults using the appropriate method for the issue at hand. We provide treatment to Maryville residents as well as surrounding areas like Knoxville. Speak with our orthodontists to learn about our treatment offerings like: 

  • Traditional braces: We use a time-tested treatment method with modern improvements that make metal braces more comfortable today than they’ve ever been. Patients can personalize their braces with colorful elastics. 
  • Clear braces: Our ceramic braces blend with your teeth for an inconspicuous look and effective treatment. 
  • Damon® self-ligating braces: These elastic-free braces are more comfortable than traditional braces, require fewer adjustments and often result in faster treatment times. Our office uses the self-ligating braces from Damon Smile. 
  • Clear aligners: Clear trays are molded for your mouth, and they gradually shift your teeth into a straighter position. You can remove your clear aligners for easy eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. 
  • Invisalign® clear aligners: Invisalign treatment uses 3D modeling for the fastest and most accurate alignment tray method. 

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The expert doctors and friendly office staff at Owens Orthodontics are here to provide a stress-free patient experience in Maryville, Tennessee. We’ll work closely with you to develop a treatment path that leads to the results you want to see. 

You can download our patient forms to complete them before arriving and get a smooth start on the day of your appointment. A better smile is right around the corner, so call your local orthodontists at 865-234-2044 or contact us online to start the process. 

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