Damon® Braces in Maryville

Damon braces are an innovative way to straighten your teeth. These braces use a system similar to traditional metal braces, with the ease and comfort of self-moving brackets. This makes your treatment apply less pressure to your teeth and get the job done faster. 

Choose Owens Orthodontics for Damon braces in Maryville, Tennessee, for a straight, stunning smile. 

What Is the Damon System?

The Damon System uses tie-less and sliding brackets to replace classic archwires and elastics in traditional braces. Damon braces are self-ligating, which means they move by themselves as needed.

With the Damon System, we can create your dream smile and simplify the process. The first part of the procedure is predicting how your face might change over the years. This aging technology allows your orthodontist to determine the best treatment. After that, the brackets do the rest.

Damon braces

Benefits of Damon Braces

We treat many patients in Maryville with Damon braces due to their excellent qualities. Some reasons people choose Damon braces include:

  • No tightening: Because Damon braces have no ties, there is no need for any uncomfortable tightening.
  • Less chafing: Traditional braces can irritate your inner mouth with friction between the elastics and brackets. Damon braces have no elastics, so they sit comfortably in your mouth.
  • Light force: Damon sliders create less pressure on your teeth for effortless movement. With no tightening or adjusting, these brackets will be almost unnoticeable in your mouth.
  • Clear brackets: With this treatment, you have the option for clear brackets. Damon Smile clear brackets are practically invisible in your mouth. Adult patients especially love clear braces for their subtle look.
  • Faster treatment: Patients often complete Damon braces treatment faster than they would with traditional braces. They also require fewer appointments, saving time and money.
  • Healthier teeth: With Damon braces, patients enjoy healthier teeth and easier brushing. Sometimes, elastics on traditional braces create buildup between the bracket and tooth. Damon braces eliminate this potential problem.

How to Use Damon Braces

Once your orthodontist places your Damon braces, they will tell you how often to return for check-ups. In most cases, patients don’t have to go to the orthodontist as often with Damon braces. For best results, continue to brush your teeth twice a day and after meals. 

Choosing Damon braces gives you life-changing results with a healthy mouth and cleaner, stronger teeth. Patients enjoy these brackets, especially if they want faster results or a less noticeable option.

Why Choose Owens Orthodontics for Damon Braces?

At Owens Orthodontics, we can help you achieve your dream smile. You can enjoy the benefits of Damon braces from a team in Maryville that listens to your needs and preferences. Dr. Mark Owens and Dr. Newsom Baker are valued members of the American Dental Association, and they back up the best patient care with specialized orthodontic insight.

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